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Criminal Law / Juvenile

Teenagers often make mistakes. Mistakes with consequences resulting in criminal charges can tarnish a child’s record for life. Without proper legal representation, a young person can acquire a lifelong criminal record as a result of their mistakes.

The law office of Roberts & Kelly, LLP is dedicated to doing everything possible to work with judges and prosecutors to reduce charges, and keep young people’s futures from being tarnished in anyway. Great effort is afforded to ensure that the matter remains at the juvenile court level. Juvenile court generally places greater emphasis on rehabilitation, hoping to dissuade the juveniles from re-offending. If a matter can not be resolved and should proceed to trial, the case will be decided by a judge and not a jury.

Roberts & Kelly, LLP has represented numerous juveniles at all stages of the legal process. We work hard to tailor favorable resolutions and when need be, prepare extensive and effective defenses at trial.