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Many traffic matters also need legal representation as drivers face stiff penalties including suspensions, license points, fines and sometimes jail. Drivers in possession of commercial driver’s licenses face additional difficulties as their livelihoods may hinge on the outcome of the case. Convictions of traffic violations also cause unforeseen and long lasting consequences such as increased insurance rates and denial of insurance policies.

Our goal at Roberts & Kelly, LLP is to keep the clients driving with the least amount of restriction and hardship. From our offices in Sidney, Troy, and Greenville we have years of experience handling traffic violation in the courts located in Miami County (Troy), Shelby County (Sidney), Darke County (Greenville), Logan County (Bellefontaine), Auglaize County (Wapakoneta), and Allen County (Lima), as well as the surrounding area.When a client takes the time to hire us, we know that their case is important to them. This is why we take so much time and effort in defending a routine traffic matter. Regardless of the severity of the allegations, our lawyers attack each case with a passion for defending citizens’ rights and a singular dedication to presenting the most intelligent, well-prepared defense possible.